Cabin in the Woods pushed back to 2011 due to 3D Retrofit


Cabin in the Woods, Joss Whedon’s latest venture onto the big screen has unfortunately been pushed back all the way to 2011.  Bad news for Whedon fans, who no doubt were looking forward to seeing Cabin In The Woods early 2010 which was it’s original release date.

Well the news is that Cabin In The Woods has been pushed back because they are transferring the movie to make it 3D, which in my mind is not a good enough reason to push this movie back a whole year!  Sure 3D movies are bigger box office draws, purely because they have an edge on your traditional movie, so no doubt it’s a wise business move to get the more regular movie goer to give Cabin in The Wood a shot.  And Whedon fans will still watch this movie whether it comes out in 2010, 2011 or 2012 so smart movie for MGM, who have also commented that the hype for this movie has reached a high level, whether that is entirely true I’m not sure, and it would be interesting to hear a truthful account for Whedon himself on what the reason behind the 3D move was.

Either way I’ll still be watching Cabin In the Woods when it hits theaters, but what do you think on 3D movies, are they worth waiting an extra six months or a year for?  Or would you prefer to see the movie in traditional 2D format and get it earlier?