Bubblegum Crisis making the live action crossover, what do you think?


Bubblegum Crisis is the latest Japanese anime to be getting the big screen live action makeover, this time though its not quite as straight forward as you may think.  While Bubblegum Crisis became a cult hit after it’s 1987 straight to video release it appears that the weight is being spread with the investment on this adaptation.  Currently six production companies from different countries are involved in bringing Bubblegum Crisis to the big screen and they also have some interesting ideas on casting, with a proposed reality TV show to air with the winner being cast in the movie alongside some more recognizable faces.

Personally Bubblegum Crisis was an anime I was aware of, but I wasn’t a fan so to say.  I remember seeing some of the episodes and liking the fluid detailed animation and the pretty full on music score, so im not worried like I am with the Cowboy Bebop adaptation, I’m more intrueged to see what they do with it.  However I’m sure there are a lot of Bubblegum Crisis and Crash fans out there, what do you think about the adaptation news?