Balls of Fury – Review


Set in the world of ping pong, Balls of Fury is a comedy sports movie that doesn’t take itself seriously. We follow the story of the main character Randy Daytona that was a childhood ping pong star that lost an important tournament match, as a result his father was killed at the hands Feng who is a giant ping pong fan. Apart from the hero and the villain mentioned above we also have a mix of other characters including a Chinese ping pong family who teach for a living, an underground ping pong group, an Fbi agent and lots of other wacky characters .

The story is suitably silly as you would expect from a movie called Balls of Fury and it never takes itself seriously which is a good thing. Balls of Fury has no pretentions and most everyone involved does a solid job throughout, especially Christopher Walken who plays Feng, and James Hong who plays Master Wong who is Daytona’s mentor. Dan Fogler as the main lead is fine and Maggie Q as the unlikely but very attractive love interest is great too.

A Very silly, sometimes laugh out loud funny, sometimes it just raises a smile, sometimes it falls flat, but not to often. Balls of Fury manages to be just above average pretty consistently with some flashes of good thrown in.