Balls of Fury – News

balls_of_fury_2.jpgBalls of Fury firmly has its tongue in its cheek, with a movie baddie called Feng played by Christopher Walken, and a story revolving around a Ping Pong tournament how else could it be played.

I saw a trailer for this movie a while ago and for those of you that haven’t heard of it yet, it may bring a smile to you face to take a look at the rather funny site homepage, which features all manner of clips and downloads. Even if the movie is rubbish which it could well be, then you still have to admit it’s a very funny premise for a film, the like of which we haven’t seen since Dodgeball hit the Cinema screens.

Christopher Walken is the main big name in Balls of Fury, you may also recognize the beautiful Maggie Q, who was in JJ Abrams Mission Impossible 3. The rest of the cast are mostly unknown to me although you may recognize some of them.

Balls of steel is written by the same team that brought us Reno 911 and Night at the museum so if liked them it might be worth keeping your eyes on this one. Balls of Fury is out in August for the USA, with everywhere else to follow shortly.

Link to the Balls of Fury homepage.