30 Days of Night trailer and news


30 Days of night has been in gestation for a long time but is due out in October this year. 30 Days is a vampire movie that is supposed to have a real bite to it, edgy gritty & violent. The Movie is adapted from a series of horror comics that helped build the careers of the writer, artists and publishers involved in the story. This was all done back in 2002 and since then 30 Days of Night has had follow up stories and spin off’s. This year the film is ready and its getting it big screen debut.

Set in a sleepy town in Alaska where during winter the sun doesn’t rise for 30 days, which makes it the perfect place for vampires to visit and terrorize. Leading the movie is Josh Hartnett and Melissa George who play the towns sheriff couple who fight to keep the vampires away.

The first of a couple of supernatural/mythical movies opening soon, 30 Days of Night looks the strongest contender to be a semi decent movie, although judgement will be reserved until the movie opens in October. The writer and director are the duo who made Hard Candy which was a suitably tense movie, if 30 Days manages to capture fifty percent of the build up and pay off from that movie we may be onto a good thing. Also on board is Sam Raimi as a producer, so there we have another reason to put more faith into the outcome of the movie.

Link to the official 30 Days of Night website.