28 Weeks Later – Review


28 Weeks Later is the cleverly title sequel to the virus/zombie survival hit 28 Days Later that was directed by Danny Boyle. This sequel has a new director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo with Danny Boyle back in a producer role, and guest director on some scenes. It makes sense, Boyle has yet to make a direct sequel and 28 Days Later was probably the most franchise like of all his movies to date, so for him to lets someone else take the helm while he just keeps a watch over seems to work.

So six months after the initial rage virus has wiped out the majority of the population, the American military has moved into England to try and set up a starting colony for a new city. They are based in a docklands area that has the advantage of being separated from mainland London which is still a no go zone for fear of meeting the infected. None of the original cast returns for this one instead we follow one family, with the most recognized face being Robert Carlyle who plays Donald Harris the father of the main family who the story follows.

There is a lot about 28 Weeks Later that makes it’s a decent follow up movie, it had a lot of the good qualities from the previous movie, stylish direction, interesting and suitable visual style and a pretty solid cast including the always good Robert Carlyle. The newcomers did a good job too including the military doctor Major Scarlett played by Rose Bryne and the two actors playing the Harris family children Imogen Poots and Mackintosh Muggleton who were excellent with the large amount of screen time they had.

The negatives on this movie were that the story was quite small, but that was in keeping with previous movie so it’s hard to say they should have gone to a grander scale, (maybe in the next movie they can step up the grandness). The music was heavily overused from the previous film 28 Days Later which did get annoying. It wouldn’t have cost too much for them to compose some new music based around the style of the original but not exactly the original. Overall some great action scenes, some decent acting from the main leads and a movie that isn’t quite as good as the original, but it stands tall regardless for fans of scary movies, zombie movies and fans of the original it’s definitely worth a look.