21 review


21 is based on a true story of a group of M.I.T students, we see the story from Ben Campbell eyes played by Jim Sturgess. He is a gifted mathematician and scholar who gets headhunted by his lecturer Micky Rosa played by Kevin Spacey who runs a secret blackjack or ’21’ club involving only the best and most applicable students hand picked by Rosa. When Campbell gets involved and drawn in his previously geeky existance is turned around into the life of high glamour, risk taking, gambling and girls.

I hadn’t heard of 21 before i actually saw it and i was pleasantly surprised, while some of the movie seems to be handled in quite a generic hollywood style with some splashes of flair, it ulitmately holds up and pays off with a nice plotline that doesnt go exactly where you expect it too. There are a couple of heavyweights backing the movie up, Lawrence Fishbourne and the previously mentioned Kevin Spacey who help to lend some gravitas and weight to the film. The main crew of poker players are pretty solid with the well known Kate Bosworth providing the object for Campbell ‘s affection. Unfortunately some of the crew are a little under developed but Campbell’s geeky friends are given a little more screentime and personality.

With Las Vegas as a backdrop, 21 already had a foot in with me and while there are a couple of rough edges i found myself getting pretty wrapped up in the storyline and ensuing events. 21 is an above average movie, which with a couple of weightier choices in the film making, story and performances, 21 could have been great.