2009 Blockbuster movies coming your way


The blockbuster movies have already started in 2009, we’ve already seen the massive Watchmen leap onto the big screen and the nitrous powered Fast and Furious drift into the movie theatres.  Some movies are just breaking with the rebooted Star Trek getting praise from fans and critics alike.   Luckily for us there are lots more films to look forward too and today were going to be looking at some of the bigger blockbuster movies set to be released in 2009.

Angels and Demons
Tom Hanks character Robert Langdon investigates a murder which leads to the discovery of a cult, in the prequel in book form and sequel in movie form to The Da Vinci Code.  Ron Howard directs and should bring his sense of tension to the film, which will be hoping to match the success of the original.

New Moon
The sequel to 2008 smash vampire flick Twilight is all due to bring back the now very popular and very famous Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Expect more action and more drama in New Moon as the second book in the series gets it big screen adaptation.


Terminator Salvation
Christian Bale is John Conner in the long awaited 4th Terminator movie.  Rumors are about that Arnold is going to be making a cameo in the sure to be a massive hit, Terminator Salvation.

All the insider buzz on Avatar is reaching boiling point with everyone who’s caught a glimpse of it sounding off about how groundbreaking and revolutionary James Cameron’s first movie in 10 years looks.  You just have to be excited about Avatar.

Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince
Harry Potter returns for the 6th movie in the series but I’m sure you guys already knew that anyway!  No doubt the penultimate movie in the series will prove to be just as big a hit as the previous Harry Potter movies.


Transformer – Revenge of the fallen
Regardless of what you thought of the first Transformers movie it surely made a healthy profit at the box office and yes that means a sequel is right on its way.  Personally I found it pretty entertaining in a cheesy way.  Expect the sequel to do even bigger.