Zoolander sequel highly possible, Stiller mentions Zoolander 2 on talk show


Its official Ben Stiller mentioned he was finding the right script for the follow up to the very funny and one of my fave Ben Stiller movies, the pretty amazing and very silly Zoolander!  How can you forget the classic plot line which involved the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too and the assassination of a president all in one film.

Zoolander was released back in 2001 with a cast led by Stiller and Christine Tayler, also present were Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell playing a rather eccentric fashion designer, Milla Jovovich and David Duchovny.  Far from Ben Stillers biggest hit movie but it more than doubled its original budget.

Well Ben Stiller announced on the Jonathon Ross show last Friday, that there were scripts for a possible Zoolander sequel amidst many of Stiller’s other sequel projects.  The story he told on the show was about Derek Zoolander being hired as a personal model for a wealthy Arab whose previous personal models kept mysteriously disappearing.  I’m more excited about a Zoolander sequel than i am about a Night at the Museum 2 or a Meet the little Focker.  Here’s hoping they get it in motion and Stiller finds some time to make Zoolander 2 happen.