WALL-E, Hellboy II – The Golden Army and The Love Guru – Posted


Once again we have a fine mix of new movie posters, from Pixar animation to Mike Myers Comedy

Disney and Pixar’s new animated movie is entitled WALL-E and it’s a science fiction story set in the future. The story goes that WALL-E is the last robot on earth, all the humans left the planet when the big earth clean up operation was put in progress, as the world got too messy. WALL-E is the only robot from the operation still going and is working on cleaning the earth, even though his job is very lonely. A probe droid called EVE is then sent back to Earth to check up and monitor the clean up operation, WALL-E finds himself falling head over heals in love with her.

The director of WALL-E is Andrew Stanton whose last movie was the award winning Finding Nemo, so look for a similar vibe with WALL-E. The story was conceived by Stanton before work on Toy Story began so you can expect it to well though out and fine tuned. And just so you know WALL-E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth-class. WALL-E is due out on the 27th June 2008.

Hellboy II – The Golden Army is due for release on the 11th July 2008, and is the sequel to Guillermo Del Toro original Hellboy movie. There isn’t too much we haven’t already written on Hellboy 2 here, so instead here is the new poster for the movie. While the first poster was just a teaser and the subsequent posters where character portraits, here we have essentially the first proper poster for the movie.

Mike Myers latest comic invention, The Love Guru, is another movie that we’ve covered a bit. Well with a new poster out its worth taking another look at. While Myers stated that the Love Guru was inspired by the Spiritual journey he went on when his father died, you can still expect it to be full of the usual humor that made Austin Powers and Wayne’s World such entertaining movies. The Love Guru is due out on the 20th June 2008.

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