Up and The Big Shot Caller – Posted


In this edition of Posted we have two new movie posters for you to take a look at.  One is a low budget indie film about a man gaining his mojo back through salsa dancing and the other is the latest animated film from the mighty mighty Pixar.

First up is the new Pixar animated movie Up.  Set to be released and distributed by Walt Disney, Pixar’s latest story focuses on the adventures of 78 year old retired balloon salesman who decided to float his house away using balloons when he is threatened with moving into a retirement home.  I think Up is going to be a buddy movie with the 78 year old teaming up with an 8 year old kid as they aim to get the house to its destination.  The film has your typically very slick Pixar poster look which is muted in its colour tone but still looks great.  There I a big time gap between release dates here, with Up arriving in North America this month but not being released in the UK till after summer.

The Big Shot Caller is a story about a man Jamie Lesser who is ambling along in a naïve existence until he meets a girl Elissa, who makes him re evaluate life.  Things turn sour when she stops returning his calls and his life takes a serious nose dive but help is at hand via the medium of dancing. With some Salsa and a little help from his family Jamie manages to find his mojo again.  I love this poster, the colours are so vibrant and the fonts also have loads of energy, the result is a strong visual impact and not your typical Hollywood poster making it stand out from the obvious CGI crowd.