The Transporter – Rewind

transporter_1_thumbnail.jpg The Transporter is a Luc Besson produced movie starring Jason Statham and directed by Corey Yuen
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Juno, The Quantum of Solace and Jack Brooks – Monster Slayer – Posted

juno_1_posted_thumbnail.jpg This week we have another selection of movie posters to treat your eyes with, or not as the case may be. The posters today are covering sequel territory, low budget action horror and some well written and highly applauded comedy
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Crank 2 – High Voltage – movie sequel news

crank_4_thumbnail.jpg The star character of Crank 2, Chev Chelios, the man with a short amount of time and a lot of energy is back with a confirmed title for the sequel to 2006's Crank. Even though I suggested Cranked as a suitable new title no one has listened
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American Gangster – Review

american_gangster_thumbnail_1.jpg American Gangster is a Ridley Scott movie with high aspirations and somewhat epic intentions. It doesn’t quite live up to its epic intentions but at the end you’re happy to let it go due to the gripping nature of the film and all its good points
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Bond will be back – James Bond 22

james_bond_22_thumbnail_1.jpg The follow up Bond movie to the highly successful series reinvention Casino Royale is due out in 2008. Daniel Craig is back as 007 the British secret agent James Bond. Interestingly enough for a Bond movie we have almost a direct sequel as the story actually continues on from Casino Royale
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Live Free or Die Hard – Review

live_free_or_die_hard_thumbnail_2.jpg McClain is back Living free and dying harder, yes Live Free or Die Hard is the latest, the fourth movies in the Die Hard series, which sees old school world domination plan spoling John McClain back in action
Posted on - October 24th, 2007 | Tags: , , , , ,
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