Swingers – The Ultimate Casino Movie?


The movie “Swingers” centres on the life and troubles of a man called Mike. He has recently moved to Hollywood from New York to get away from a broken relationship with his long-time girlfriend, walking straight into the open arms of his good friend Trent and the night life of the West Coast. To get Mike out of his increasingly bad mood Trent suggests that a trip to Vegas might settle their heads and get Mike out of his seemingly perpetual funk.

They get out of the car, handing the keys to the valet, both dressed to the hilt in sharp designer suits. “You have to look like you don’t need it, and then they give you it for free,” says Mike, still dubious about the entire escapade.

Walking into a casino off the main strip, they come up with a plan to make a big entrance. Seating themselves at a Blackjack table, Mike asks the dealer to change the $300 he has set aside for this particular adventure, even though he has insisted that he doesn’t want to bet it all. When the cards come up showing eleven, Trent tells Mike that you should always Double Down. Mike doesn’t want to, since that will mean that two hundred of his three hundred dollars will be already spent. Mike loses the hand, and Trent spends the rest of the evening telling him that win or lose, you always double down on an eleven.

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