Sunshine – Review


Sunshine is a bold and stylish sci fi movie that borrows heavily from some of its predecessors in the genre. Sunshine takes bits of Alien and Event Horizon to name a few and bundles it all together with an interesting story line idea and a varied cast. In Sunshine we follow the crew of Icarus two, fifty years from now as they travel directly to the sun which is dying. Their mission just like the failed Icarus before them is to fire a planet saving big bang style explosion into the sun that will hopefully re ignite it and save the inhabitants of the planet earth.

The Crew is a mix of experts in all areas of science and space travel related skills with a cast including Michelle Yeoh, Rose Byrne, Chris Evans and Cillian Murphy. The visual style of sunshine is nice and solid, even though the interior work feels very cramped, especially when you see the size of the exterior ship shots, it looks as though it should be bigger on the interior. Never the less the visual style is solid with some beautiful shots and it doesn’t stray to far from the realistic, you could imagine it being a real ship which helps keep you involved in the story.

Personally I enjoyed the movie but I love some of the movies which sunshine borrows from, I though the acting was for the most part good, with solid performances from Murphy Evans and Byrne. The movie is slightly long with some spiritual overtones, and some belief suspending moments but overall it has some above average performance with excellent visuals and tone.