Scott Pilgrim Vs the World – Posted


This week on Posted, our round up of the latest and greatest posters we have Edgar Wright’s adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic book starring Michael Cera as the lead character Scott Pilgrim. To win the love of Romana Flowers, the girl of his dreams, Pilgrim has to defeat her seven evil exes! Who are basically out to get the Pilgrim.

Currently Scott Pilgrim Vs the World is doing the business on the review side of things getting more than positive reviews pretty much everywhere. Edgar Wright has always been a stylish director which you could see in the early episodes of Spaced, his style is just so quirky and interesting that makes even mundane scenes pop. But enough of the heaped praise, onto the real reason for this post, the movie posters.

The three one sheets here for Scott Pilgram, and being a comic book originally has definitely allowed them to go in a few directions. The traditional photo style which is still very graphic with the solid background and stark white shapes. The cute and almost naive Japanese style and the western, eastern graphic mix that uses a minimal colour palette and lots of clean lines to create a really powerful image.

I love them all! And this is definitely one movie I really want to see, surprisingly I hadn’t heard anything about it till it came out, but now I know about it, it’s definitely top of the to do list.