RocknRolla – Behind the scenes video


RocknRolla for those who don’t know, is Guy Ritchie’s new London gangster caper movie, with a popular cast. Gerard Butler plays One Two a mobster with some brains who gets embroiled in a Russian mobsters real estate scam. Thandie Newton star opposite Butler as Stella an accountant who gets her hands dirty too. With Tom Wilkinson, Ludacris and Jeremy Piven heading up the rest of the cast, RocknRolla looks strong on this front.

While we have already covered RocknRolla a couple of times here before, its still one of those movies that if it recaptures the previous form of director Guy Ritchie’s earlier movies, could be a real treat for movie fans. Since Lock Stock and Snatch, Ritchie has struggled to hit his earlier form with the slightly wayward Revolver and Swept Away not being anywhere near a good movie.

RocknRolla is a step back to the style that made his name though, with an impressive cast it’s definitely going to be worth a look. You can take a look at a behind the scenes video here from Extra which is pretty interesting. RocknRolla is due out early October 2008.