New Quantum of Solace trailer


The new Quantum of Solace trailer was released yesterday on the official James Bond – Quantum of Solace site. I have to say it all looks rather action packed, and the story is almost impossible to pick out from the trailer. Hopefully the momentum they had on Casino Royale will spill over nicely as this is essentially a direct sequel to that movie. I think its good that they are continuing the series with some running themes rather than just picking the character up and placing him in another situation, as Casino Royale was a breath of fresh air for the franchise. The sets and backdrops in this the 22nd Bond film look amazing with some spectacular lighting, and is set in Bolivia where the Quantum organisation is planning a coup d’etat with aims to controls the country’s water supply.

You can check out the official trailer for Quantum of Solace over on the official site here, and see for yourself if it looks like it going to measure up. There’s plenty of other videos and goodies to check out from cast and crew interviews to film downloads like your wallpapers and buddy icons. the Quantum of Solace is due out in England on the 31st of October and the 7th of November in the US