More Hellboy 2 – The Golden Army, news and trailer


Well the final official trailer for Hellboy 2 is now available to watch at yahoo movies, and its looking even better than the last teaser trailer. The story plot lines seem more highlighted and there seems to be an awful lot going on in the recent Hellboy universe. The Golden army look great and all the shots are jam packed with visual style and flair that’s going to make this a seriously good looking movie.

The official Hellboy site also has lots to see and hear, with a nice little history of Hellboy multimedia show, with lots of information on the characters and the Hellboy world. If you wanna ask Del Toro a question, there is also a new forum where you might get the chance to get your questions answered by the director himself.

Visit the Hellboy 2 – The Golden Army trailer at Yahoo.
Take a look at the official Hellboy 2 site.