Kung Fu Panda – The Characters and Stars


Kung Fu Panda is the latest animal to be thrust forward to centre stage, via the medium of Digital Animation. Kung Fu Panda is looking great, and the strides that animation has taken over the last 7 or so years has really begun to show through. Digital animation movies are very big business for the studios, Shrek the third has taken over $600 million worldwide, which should gives you an insight into why they are such a popular movie format for the studios, and that the public obviously love watching them, and buying into the merchandise too.

One animatation movie due this year is Bee Movie, which is scheduled for release later this year around November time. Moving into 2008 we have Madagascar 2 – The Crate Escape and Kung Fu Gecko, just a couple of the many animations in production.

There are a few Kung Fu Panda images currently doing the rounds, but they are a bit thin on the ground at the moment. So in the meantime get your fix here with some portraits of the characters you’ll be seeing in the movie and the cast list

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Kung Fu Panda Cast List

Jack Black – Po
Jackie Chan – Master Monkey
Dustin Hoffman – Shifu
Lucy Liu – Master Viper
Ian McShane – Tai Lung
Angelina Jolie – Tigress
David Cross – Master Crane