Juno, The Quantum of Solace and Jack Brooks – Monster Slayer – Posted


This week we have another selection of movie posters to treat your eyes with, or not as the case may be. The posters today are covering sequel territory, low budget action horror and some well written and highly applauded comedy.

So first up is Juno, with rave reviews all around, and by all accounts a sterling performance from the talented Ellen Page this is already gaining popularity and nominations buzz from all corners. The posters nothing special but it gives you enough of a clue as to what this movie could be about.

Next is the first poster for the upcoming new James Bond movie, The Quantum of Solace. So you may wonder what that title actually means but its all been mentioned before so we wont go into that again. However the poster is pretty stylish as to be expected from a Bond movie, and doesn’t give anything away about the plot or movie, just how it should be.

Finally is this upcoming horror comedy Jack Brooks РMonster Slayer. Having already been compared to the early Sam Raimi movies and Brain Dead, this anti hero movie looks like a lot of fun with some seriously clich̩d storylines and lots of gore, monsters and humour. The poster itself looks plenty silly, goofy and with a heroic action pose all surrounded by some suitably evil looking monsters. From the looks of it should be a lot of fun.

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