James Cameron’s Avatar, Concept Art Released


For everyone who’s following James Cameron’s hotly anticipated next movie, Avatar, these recently released concept art images give us the best glimpse so far of the movie which is currently being kept under tight wraps.  If you want to get the first look while watching the movie and fancy keeping  Avatar all secretive and a surprise, you probably should read only this far.

So without any delay lets get right to the new concept images from Avatar, here we have a couple of images showing the planet where the marine settles on, you can see the power suit which is a bit of a theme with James Cameron if you remember the very cool power suit featured in Aliens.  If anything these shots remind me of the video game Farcry with all the tropical jungle scenery.


With Avatar everyone has been buzzing about how James Cameron is using special effects in a new unique fashion.  Cameron has created a way of having for him to view the action live as it’s happened with the CG special effects added on.  So in effect the shooting on Avatar is more similar to a live action shoot with the graphics being rendered as the camera rolls from what i can gather, it all sound mighty complicated to me, but very very cool.


This is just one of the reasons that Avatar has managed to generate so much attention, and if you want to read more or find the sources used here take a look over at Market Saw that broke the concept images, also Avatar is talked about on Screen Junkies and with some notes on the special effects over here at Buzz Sugar.  What are you waiting for go get your Avatar fix!