Guy Ritchie’s RocknRolla all set for trilogy status


Guy Ritchie’s upcoming RocknRolla is all set to become a trilogy according to leading lady Thandie Newton. MTV Movies Blog broke the story, where Newton stated that “‘RocknRolla’ is one of three films and Guy’s keen to get going on that straight away,” she later added “The second and third films in the series are going to be excellent. I can’t wait. “

About the behind the scenes work, Newton added “We shot incredibly quickly. There were three weeks pre-production.” And on Guy Ritchie himself “He just gets on with it. He absolutely does not see challenges as intimidating.”

This is good news for fans of the previous Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, which seem almost distant memories, it’s been that long since Ritchie was directing what he does best.

RocknRolla looks like is harking back to those days with a stella cast that includes the previously mentioned Thandie Newton, Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven, Tom Wilkinson and Idris Elba. Long time Ritchie regular Jason Statham was unable to get on board RocknRolla due to schedule conflicts. Newton also added that we shouldn’t expect the entire cast to return for the sequels “Well I managed to get away, but a quite a lot of them died,” said Newton. I’m not sure if that should have slipped out, but I guess it wouldn’t be a Ritchie film without a decent body count.

RocknRolla is all set for an October 2008 release via Warner Brothers