Employee of the Month – Rewind



Employee of the month is set in the world of Super Club super store where buying in bulk is every human’s right! Why buy a packet or crisps when you can buy 2000 packets at once for a whopping 75% discount of the price. We follow the story of the elusive box boy Zack Bradley played by Dane Cook who is at the bottom of the food chain in the store, we also meet Vince Downey played by Dax Shepard who is the current employee of the month, and has been for the last 17 months. Downey is the star cashier who believes he’s the Tom Cruise character in Cocktail of the checkout world. Both are quite content to stay in their respective positions until a new girls Amy, played by Jessica Simpson turns up at Super Club. With her looks and cute down to earth personality the guys are soon fighting for her attention, and to become the employee of the month.

Employee of the month is pretty middle of the road it’s just a rom com/buddy movie with some likeable cast members, and nothing too flash or over the top about it. It reminds me of 80’s movies but without the bad music and shoulder pads. Cast wise it’s pretty good, no one drops the ball and Simpson surprisingly is quite good in places.

Overall Employee of the month is an easy going movie that isn’t a scorcher, but thanks to the cast it’s enjoyable while never reaching lofty heights or breaking any new ground. The kind of movie that makes you smirk rather than laugh and doesn’t jump out from a dark alley but creeps up on your in plain view.