Bond will be back – James Bond 22


The follow up Bond movie to the highly successful series reinvention Casino Royale is due out in 2008. Daniel Craig is back as 007 the British secret agent James Bond. Interestingly enough for a Bond movie we have almost a direct sequel as the story actually continues on from Casino Royale, rather than being a totally independent beast as we have seen with other Bond Movies.

So Daniel Craig is back and so is Judi Dench as M, although her role will be small this time, Eva Green’s character Vesper Lynn will be in the movie were told but I expect in flashback, as no new scenes have been filmed. The new director this time is Marc Foster who’s done some big films, including Monsters Ball and is quoted as being a big time Bond Fan.

The untitled Bond 22 is due out in October 2008, expect to hear a lot more about it before then.

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