Angels and Demons the Da Vinci Code sequel set for 2009


Angels and Demons is an adaptation from Dan Brown’s book of the same name. It’s essentially a sequel or follow on to The Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks reprising his role as Professor Robert Langdon. Langdom is requested by CERN to inspect a murder victim this leads him down a trail tracking a mysterious plot that is unfolding.

With Tom Hanks back on board, and director Ron Howard returning along with the screenwriter from the Da Vinci Code, Akiva Goldsman, you would expect Angels and Demons to pretty much mirror its predecessor in style and tone. The Da Vinci code while a phenomenal success did divide people, especially some fans of the book. I would still have no doubt that Angels and Demons is going to be a big hit and more than likely an above average movie when you consider who is involved.

Angels and Demons is due for release in May 2009 and is being released by Sony Pictures.