300 – Review


300 is an adaptation of a Frank Miller graphic novel of the same name, 300 Spartan warriors fight to defend their kingdom land family and pride from the invading Persian kingdom. It’s a vibrant larger than life vision which holds some visual connection with the graphic novel it’s based on. The sky shines in unnatural colours and the tones are deep, highlighting the gold and red of the Spartans uniforms.

A flashback fills in the pre story of King Leodonis who leads the uprising against the invading Persians, the corrupt elders of the Spartan society are against the uprising though and forbid Leodonis from going with the entire Spartan army. His solution is just to take a long walk, bending the rules by not going to war with the his entire army but taking 300 of his finest soldiers as his personal bodyguards just incase they bump into the Persians. The full intention however is to give fight to the advancing Persian forces.

Directed by Zach Snyder whose last movie was Dawn of the Dead, and starring Gerard butler 300 is directed sharply with some serious contemporary flair, including slow motion fight scenes backed by some heavy music, it’s a blend that works most if not all of the time. On occasion the illusion will be shattered by a badly chosen music choice or a slow motion scene held just too long. The actors help keep us interested in the movie it’s easy to side for the underdogs, willing the Spartans to overrun the Persian invasion.

Summing the movie up we have some epic fight scenes, some great visuals with contemporary twists and solid if a bit vocal acting all round. The direction was good as I expected it would be after the well handled and highly pressured job of directing the Dawn of the Dead remake. Gerard Butler makes a good King Leodonis, his queen Lena Headley gives a very solid performance and the Persian army and ruler are suitably wicked.

I was expecting a lot from the hype and the movies I expect a lot often fail to deliver but I enjoyed this, it was the movie I expected it would be, not a classic, but lots of shouting, lots of fighting and lots of action.