Zombies, everyone loves them, even Ron Perlman – New Zombie Movie Gatekeeper


Zombie fans rejoice, the upcoming Zombie thriller Gatekeeper has just named its cast and everyone favorite red demon playing, guillermo Del Toro starring Ron Perlman is onboard. The rest of the Gatekeeper cast includes Lea Thompson and Matt ‘O’ Leary and Jana Kramer, which Empire described as an 80’s-tastic cast, you can read the original story here.

More importantly Gatekeeper has been described by its producer Stephen Emery as being similar in style and tone to the Brit Zombie Romcom classic Shaun of the Dead, which as we all know can only be a good thing.  Zombie movies are a staple genre and we all love them (don’t we?)  So having Ron Perlman, zombies and Jana Kramer all in one movie how can it get better?

More news and zombie updates on Gatekeepers as we get them.