Zombieland – Will You be Zombie Killer of the Week?


Zombieland is new zombie comedy movie starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone, and follows the story of this lone group of survivors as they move across America in search of a safe haven from the Invading Zombies.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer with this being his first full length feature film, Zombieland is not your serious zombie movie in the vein of George Romero’s zombie movies but more of a comedy with humans getting awarded for killing zombies and earing prestigious titles like ‘Zombie Killer of the Week.’  The Zombies in Zombieland aren’t your typical slow movie zombies but are just infected people who can move fast but rather erratically.

The trailer gives you a good indication of the tone of the movie and looks to be pretty lighthearted and full of slapstick zombie killing scenes, which you can check out below.  Alternatively you can head over to the official Zombieland websites here.




The funniest part of Zombieland so far is Woody Harrelsons altercation with a photographer after the movie has finished shooting.  Harrelson’s defense of the attack was that he said he was still in character after the movie and actually though the cameraman was a Zombie.  Classic.