Zombieland – Movie Review


Zombieland is of course a zombie movie, and if you have seen the trailer you will know what it’s all about, if you haven’t seen the trailer then you should check it out because its a really great trailer filled with moments that will make you think, hey i wanna see this movie! Zombieland stars Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus a college student who after the zombie plague hits is trying to make his way to Columbus, Ohio to see if his parents and family are still alive, not that he is very close to them, or anyone for that matter as Columbus is a bit of a loner. Woody Harrelson stars as Tallahassee a bad ass who has a penchant for Twinkie’s and is the reason Columbus is called Columbus and he is called Tallahassee so when they meet on a highway they don’t build up any attachment because in the world of Zombieland where nearly all of the population are drooling zombies with an appetite for flesh every survivor need to look out for themselves.

While Tallahassee and Columbus team up while they are both traveling in the same direction they stop off at a supermarket in search of Twinkie’s of course, however they bump into two sisters Wichita played by Emma Stone, and Little Rock played by Abigail Breslin, the sister are sly and clever but the boys don’t realize this straight away.

Zombieland, is just paced nicely and while it only has four main characters in the movie, that seems to be just the right amount to support the situation they are in. We get to see the movie mostly through the eyes of Columbus who is a quiet shy and withdrawn young man that has managed to survive by following his very funny Zombieland rules. These play a big part in the movie and also provide a lot of the comedy along with the gung ho attitude of Harrelson character who is perfectly cast in the role and him and Eisenberg provide polar opposite characters that match up nicely. Emma Stone is great in her role as a manipulative young woman who will do anything to protect her sister Abigail Breslin and to survive in Zombieland.

If you haven’t worked it out now i thought Zombieland was great, darkly humorous with a great cast and a wicked sense of humour in regard to the survivors actually despatching the zombies. Zombieland was also the first movie vie seen in a while that actually lived up too and possibly exceeded the trailer, throw in a great cameo and Zombieland is a great piece of lighthearted entertainment.