Zodiac – Rewind



Zodiac is a movie by David Fincher, who has quite a back catalogue of stylish and dark thrillers with a penchant for shocks and gore. Zodiac is by the very nature of the topic in a similar vein to his previous movies but based around a real life series of events a group of killings all linked by the people involved and how the media was dragged in directly with it.

The movie is slick and well paced at the start with a cool opening shot and a heap load of style and retro scene setting moments scattered throughout the movie. The cast including Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jnr. and Chloe Sevigny are for most of the time spot on, with only a few moments where the illusion of realism is shattered by a duff line or a over the top reaction or action. We follow the staff at the daily chronicle who are one of the papers to get a note from the self proclaimed Zodiac killer, as the staff there get more involved we see how it affects them and the local cops from homicide, who are investigating the case.

Most of the time though the movie works and its only in the last quarter that Zodiac loses its focus and its more the fault of the actual story itself than the movie. As the pace let up I was left wondering exactly what the movie was about and I still don’t really know. But I did enjoy it, Zodiac was a non conventional and interesting movie.