X-Men Origins – Wolverine – Trailer and news


If you haven’t seen the full trailer for the upcoming X-Men Origins – Wolverine, then now is a perfect time to check it out, jam packed full of snippets of info about the story and some pretty impressive action sequences, hopefully the movie is going to live up to the fans expectations. Being one if not the most popular X-Men, or at least the most recognized, since Jackman took on the role in the Bryan Singers original X-Men movie, fans have been waiting for a full movie based on the Adamantanium skeletoned one.

Wolverine is based 20 years before the original X-Men movie and follows the story of more reckless Wolverine and his relationships with a younger William stryker and Sabretooth, who this time is played by Liev schreiber. The movie is literally jam packed with other characters from the X-Men universe with Ryan Reynolds bringing the character Deadpool to the screen along with appearances from Gambit, Kayla Silver Fox, Agent Zero, Kestrel and the Blob. Hopefully they are gonna get the tone of this movie right but there isn’t long to wait with the film due to be released on the 1st of May 2009.

You can check out the full theatrical trailer here over at the official site.