X Files 2 – More news and information


With the impending summer release of the second X-Files movie i’m really excited about this one, and while no plot lines have been leaked yet – which i’m happy about I should add – there is still a lot of news surfacing about X Files 2.

Interestingly the name used for the movie while shooting was Done One, but chances are this is just a cover name as the director listed at the time with the Directors Guild was ‘Rich Tracers’ which is surprisingly enough an anagram of Chris Carter. Still naming the movie X-Files – Done One, would be a real outside bet in my opinion, but I guess we will soon see.

The guys over at IGN Movies actually got to speak to Chris Carter about the upcoming movie and had some really interesting things to say about the direction of the plotline and the possibility of further X-Files.

You can read the full IGN post here.