Wasting Away Movie Review


Wasting Away is a zombie flick with a big difference; instead of your typical humans run from zombies, here we have a movie that focuses on the zombies and shows the events from their eyes.  The real kicker is that the zombies don’t even realise that they are zombies they just wonder why everyone else is moving really fast and speaking at double speed.

The story follows four friends who accidently mix some secret government super soldier solution into the ice cream machine at the bowling alley where they work.  After eating the ice cream strange things happen and they turn into zombies but don’t realize it themselves.  the movie is filmed with two distinct different styles with scenes shot in colour reflecting the movies from the zombies eyes and scenes shot in black and white from the eyes of the humans.  It works exceptionally well and adds a real comedy element to many scenes which are perceived very differently from the two parties.

Wasting Away is the work of first time director Matthew Kohnen and for a low budget movie he manages to make everything look pretty good, the sets are well chosen, the effects are cheesy but fit the movie and the story ticks along at about the right pace.  I’m sure which such a unique movie as Wasting Away were definitely going to be seeing more of this director.

Overall Wasting Away is sure to become a cult zombie movie classic it really does add a new element to the whole genre and the switches between the eyes of the zombies and the humans adds a wealth of extremely comedic moments, just wait till you get to see the covert mission in the diner or the awesome bowling scene.