Wanted – Review


Wanted is a comic book adaptation directed by the very cool Timur Bekmambetov of Night Watch and Day Watch fame. Starring James McAvoy as Wesley Alan Gibson, an accountant with a bullying boss, a best friend who isn’t really a friend and a cheating girlfriend. Gibson suffers from anxiety attacks and well his life is a mess, he doesn’t know who he is. When a strange woman called Fox played by Angelina Jolie, pops up in Gibson’s life, things are about to change as he learns about the Fraternity, a club of assassins, whom Gibson’s estranged father was a member of.

This is McAvoy’s big movie this year as far as Hollywood blockbusters go, and with Angelina Jolie playing an ass kicking badass, and the awesome Timur Bekmambetov of Night Watch and Day Watch fame it seems as though McAvoy has chose a good one. All the main cast are great, McAvoy pulls of the role of Gibson easily with Jolie acting very effectively via mostly expressions and presence. Wanted just happens to look amazing with some seriously high thrill action sequences that while highly improbable are totally entertaining, when you see how Fox catches a running scared Gibson in her car you will know exactly what I mean.

Wanted does exactly what it needs it has a great opening, great visuals, some amazing action sequences and all round performances that don’t ever let things drop. Things get a little too far fetched at points for my liking but as this is an adaptation I guess there is a certain amount of material they had to keep true to the source and in doing so they seem to have tried to cram a little to much into the running time. If it sounds like i’m being down on Wanted I am, and i’m not, it’s a great summer blockbuster that does exactly what’s required, yet I was personally just hoping it might break out of the blockbuster into something more weighty. As it stands Wanted is about as stylish a summer blockbuster movie you will see this year.