Vampire books from Guillermo Del Toro


Rather off topic but a interestory story posted by Icons of Fright about the director of Hellboy and the upcoming Hobbit movie, Guillermo Del Toro. Hes been collabourating with novelist Chuck Hogan on a trilogy of epic books based around Vampires and their history, tracing their origins and roots way back in time.

While the director is currently one of the busiest and in demand directors in Hollywood, a vampire trilogy of movies directed by Guillermo Del Toro could be very very awsome. Weve already got to see him direct the second in the Blade series of movies but i expect that from the sound of it, these would be a whole lot more serious in tone.

With Vampires managing to be eternally popular these books would no doubt be able to crossover quite easily into a series of films. The first of the three books is out around summer 2009, and is called ‘The Strain’.

Heres hoping they do get converted to the big screen, more news on Del Toro’s vampires as we get it.