Underworld 4 Rumours – Kate Beckinsale Talks


All your vampire and Underworld fans out there can be either happy or sad that they are indeed rumours about a fourth Underworld movie, and the original movie and its sequels star Kate Beckinsale who played Selene, talks about it while shooting an interview for her upcoming movie Whiteout.  There is pretty much no information on the possible story at the moment but all the rumours, and they are just rumours it seems are that its due to be shot in 3D for selected theaters and could be hitting our screens around January 2011.

After Blade, Underworld is just about as big a franchise for the supernatural vampire genre in the movies right now, with the exception of Twilight, but as were still waiting for New Moon to actually be released so it doesn’t count as a franchise just yet.  With Kate Beckinsale possibly back on the cast its hard to see how this one can fail really if the studio and the producers get it in motion, all the previous three movies have been pretty well produced if sometimes lacking in the intelligence department.

If you want to check out the interview with Kate Beckinsale where she talks about her upcoming movie Whiteout and the rumours of a fourth Underworld movie you can head on over to here.