Uncharted Video Game gets the Hollywood Treatment


News has broke that the smash PS3 video game Uncharted is all set to get converted to the big screen and will follow the adventures of Nate Drake the treasure hunter who is in search of the legendary El Dorado the golden city.

As far as video game to movie conversions Uncharted is probably one of the ones i would more likely see, in the game the character of Nate Drake is essentially a modern day Indiana Jones, and with Hollywood always looking for a new Jones style franchise it makes sense to try and bring a successful game franchise across. Dark Horizons first broke the story here, and what is especially interesting about this is a while ago here at Movies Illustrated we wrote about movies which were pretenders to the Indiana Jones franchise and one of them was Sahara, you can check the article out here. And the news is that Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly are writing the Uncharted script and their previous work actually includes the aforementioned Sahara.

So with a second crack at this style of franchise it’s going to be interesting to see if the writers can pull off a story which is a little more successful than Sahara which was considered a massive flop but this time around they do have much more freedom, Sahara was based on a book and Uncharted isn’t they will have a lot more leeway. More news on Uncharted as we get it.