Tropic Thunder Review


Tropic Thunder has a fairly simple plot premise, make a movie about making movies. Take a group of actors played by Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. who are currently shooting a war movie written by an alleged war veteran played by Nick Nolte. Early on in the film shoot the movie gets in trouble due to a really expensive explosion that the actors manage to screw up due to their on screen drama. With the ensuing chaos the film is getting close to being shut down. The movie writer and director played by Steve Coogan now go to extreme measure to simulate a real war scenario to get some gritty footage. Cue a lot of confusion, explosions, conflicting actors who can’t work out if it’s real or not, add in an all star cast and you have Tropic Thunder.

The cast of this movie really is full of talent, with many other notable names on board like Matthew Mconoghey playing Stiller’s agent and Tom Cruise almost unrecognizable in one of the funnier and standout roles in the movie, just wait for the credits here. Written mainly by Stiller, Tropic Thunder is definitely never terrible and this is a credit to the film, it’s better than average just the actual laughs are few and far between, even though a lot of the on screen stuff will make you crack a smile at some of the goings on, including some humorous accents and some new wears to wear animals.

Onto the summary, Tropic Thunder has action scenes, comedy, some great set pieces and a really quite inventive storyline. Unfortunately just it doesn’t all quite add up to its promise, but it’s still far ahead of a lot of the competition. Some of the cast are underused and wasted specifically Jack Black who has no back-story and doesn’t seem to have a defined character. Some of the cast really shine particularly Downey who portrays a method actor who goes to extremes for his art in a very entertaining way. So while Tropic Thunder is unlikely to be remembered in the future, just for now its entertaining enough but more like a Tropical Shower.