Tron Legacy – Movie Trailer


The Tron Legacy trailer page is up and it’s looking pretty amazing! For those of you who remember the 1982 original Tron or who caught up with it a little later should remember what a stylish looking film Tron was, and its sequel is looking just as amazing. Back from the original is Jeff Bridges once again in the role of Kevin Flynn who in the original movie played a computer programmer who got caught up in a virtual world fighting against the computer in an attempt to find evidence against a colleague. This time round Flynn is a father now and has disapeared, his son Sam played by Garrett Hedlund now finds himself caught up in the same virtual world that his father was in, in an attempt to find him.

Back of course for Tron Legacy are the legendary Light Cycles which were originally designed by Syd Mead, they have now been given a revamp and from the shots in the trailer they look amazing. Just to add to this already visually stunning looking film is a soundtrack by the French duo Daft Punk who are no strangers to creating soundtracks just take a look at their Discovery album or even better the full length animated film that went with it, Interstella 5555.





So if you want to see what all the fuss is about, then head over to which has the trailer for Tron Legacy and some other viral marketing or check out the trailer below. Tron Legacy is all set to be released in 2010 more info and news when it appears.