Tron Legacy Full Movie Trailer Finally Arrives


We finally have a full trailer for the upcoming Tron Legacy, the long awaited sequel to the 1982 classic with Jeff Bridges reprising his role as Kevin Flynn and Garrett Hedlund playing the now grown up Sam, Flynn’s son. Also on the cast of Tron Legacy are Olivia Wilde as Quorra a virtual program warrior, Michael Sheen and John Hurt. Interestingly enough the French electronic music duo Daft Punk are in the film and also score the soundtrack which just makes me want to see this movie even more.

With the first teaser trailer for Tron really being a visual tour de force, this full trailer keeps up that momentum but also explains more of the story about the new movie which really looks visually amazing and should sound just as good too. The movie is due to be released in true 3D but we’re all going to have to wait till December this year before we get to see it released in theatres.

You can take a look at the full Tron Legacy trailer below: