Trick ‘r Treat Sequel is a Possibility


Great news for fans of the very cool and entertaining Halloween themed anthology movie Trick ‘r Treat.  It seems that Micheal Dougherty, writer and directer of Trick R Treat is already making plans for a second movie, with the story ideas already partly laid out in case they go ahead with a sequel.

MTV Movies Blog broke the story here, and they have a pretty cool short interview with Dougherty where he talks about how he would even be willing to take a step back and let someone else direct with him as producer, seeing as his plate is pretty full work wise right at the moment.  Even though Trick ‘r Treat got the studio delay from hell and never got a chance to be released on the big screen it is not your typical straight to disc movie and is highly deserving of a sequel and we here at Movies Illustrated really hope it gets one.

If you haven’t had chance to catch Trick ‘r Treat then its out on DVD or Blu Ray release now, and you can have a read of our review of it here.  One of my favorite movies i saw this year and definitely one of my favorite Halloween based flicks I’ve seen.