Trick ‘r Treat – Movie Review


Trick ‘r Treat is the feature film debut of Michael Dougherty who is better known for his screenwriting work but has done a fine job on this Halooween themed movie which brings together four scary stories into one film. The first story is about a school principal played by Dylan Baker that teaches one child the real meaning of Halloween after he knocks all his Jack O Lanterns down. In the second story a group of girls thats are looking to party on halloween but one of them, played by Anna Paquin is unable to find a date for the party until she ends up being stalked by a sinister costumed man. In the third story in the series we see a group of kids that go to the site of an urban legend that turns out to be more than a myth and the final story follows a miserly old man played by Brian Cox that meets up with a strange home invader from his past.

Trick ‘r Treat really pulls out the stops and has an atmophere that really captures the feeling of a Halloween celebration, the multiple story lines also add to the depth of the film and its multilayer and intertwined nature make it entertaining to watch for it’s full running time. For a movie made on a budget of $12 million Trick ‘r Treat looks great and the main cast are all perfect in roles that don’t demand to much but all compliment the style of the film perfectly. There are nice little crossovers with all the characters in the movie at some point and the stylish opening and closing credits lead you into and out of the film with some visual shots layered throughout the film especially the little red riding hood scene starring the gorgeous Anna Paquin.

If you haven’t worked it out yet i loved Trick ‘r Treat and while it’s not an all out horror shocker it’s much deeper than any of those style of movies, with it finally being released on DVD now after two years in a hiatus, it was origionally meant to be released in October 2007 but now is set to be released this October on the 6th and is one movie that you should definately check out.