The Wicker Man – Review


The original Wicker Man movie starring Edward Woodwood is a cult classic, so i was excited when i heard a remake was being made. The Wicker Man remake is vastly changed from the original obviously its been brought a little more up to date and the star this time is Nicholas Cage playing officer Edward Malus. The basic story line follows Nicholas Cage’s character who after failing to save a girl and her mother he gets depressed and haunted, out of the blue a letter from an old girlfriend arrives asking for his help to find her missing daughter. This prompts him to travel to the island where the letter came from to help his ex girlfriend, however the island is very remote and private, and when he arrives the locals seem rather odd and unwilling to help him track down the missing girl.

So the locals are having bad harvests and their supply of honey has not been good, they blame someone and they will need to amend things in the only way they know how. The leads Ed off on many wild goose chases and misdirection are flying all around, missing photos and strange going ons all lead to the confusion.

Its a pretty strange remake of the story while it does hold some similarities on its own this movie isn’t very good, Nic Cage seems to laid back about the whole thing and doesn’t really convince as a man who is being pushed around a lot. i found it quite uncomfortable to watch although having seen the original i knew that it wasn’t going to be a pretty ending. Be afraid of the bees, do yourself a favour and watch the far more impressive original movie.