The Transporter – Rewind



The Transporter is a Luc Besson produced movie starring Jason Statham and directed by Corey Yuen. There is little pretence to this film it is an all out action movie, and the promotional material was definately selling that point, possibly too much. The basic story is that Jason Statham is the Transporter Frank Martin an Ex-Special forces tough guy who ships people, goods and personal items around, when the post office just isn’t good enough for you Frank Martin is the man to turn too, he has a strict set of rules he’s adheres too on all jobs. When Martin takes a job to transport some goods, Frank ends up breaking one of his own rules and finds himself on the wrong side of lots of people being closely monitored by his French parole officer Tarconi.

Full of one liners, slightly over the top action scenes, the transporter is one the best all out action movie of recent years and put Statham into the role of full on action star. There hasn’t been many action stars of late with Stallone and Stwargeneeger out of the picture, or at least appealing to the ageing action fan rather than the current generation. Most of the current series actor turned crossover action star aren’t really worthy of the title.

So if you don’t mind some slightly preposterous plot twist and turns, then The Transporter should satisfy your action movie needs, with style and stunts galore.