The Oscars 2008


The Oscars 2008 was held last night with some surprising results and some not so surprising. This marks the end now really of the awards season this year, so let’s wrap it up with some of the winners from this years Oscars.

This years Oscar for Best Director went to the very deserving Joel and Ethan Coen, for their latest movie No Country for Old Men. It’s Hard to argue with them giving the award to the Coen Brothers as they have pretty consistently made non typical Hollywood movies that are often dark, always stylish and well shot. Whether No Country for Old Men was the movie to win them it who knows, it got good reviews all round and I personally liked it, it just wasn’t the typical movie that the Oscar’s normally rewards. Javier Bardem won the supporting actor Oscar for his dark portrayal of the hit man in No Country for Old Men, which then went on to steal the best movie Oscar too, a good day for the Coen Brothers.

Well that’s 3 of the awards gone already, next up for the best actor award we saw Daniel Day Lewis get the Oscar for his performance in, There Will be Blood, with the best actress award going to Marion Cotillard for La Vie en Rose, who has now had a clean sweep this year. We’ve already mentioned Javier’s win, and the best supporting actress Oscar went to Brit actress Tilda Swinton for Michael Clayton.

Without going into too many details on this years winners here are some of the other notable Oscar successful’s. Sweeney Todd won the best art direction award and deservedly so, Ratatouille once again won best animation (like we had any doubt it would) and Juno won the best original screenplay. If it seems like im rushing through this, then you would be right, im all awarded out for this year, but if you want to read more there is a full list of all the winners, take a look here at the official site.