The Nines – Review


The Nines is a complex and though provoking movie that is split into 3 separate stories, that all feature the same actors, Ryan Reynolds, Melissa McCarthy and Hope Davis playing different roles. All three stories in the Nines are interlinked with various aspects spilling over, running intertwined themes, and a predisposition for the number nine.

The Nines is the directorial debut of John August, whose main job is a writer, and has worked on movies like Charlie’s Angels, Go, and Big Fish. You can recognize various similarities in structure and style between those movies and The Nines, which is obviously borne of the writing.  Its also pretty hard to categorize The Nines, it isn’t a comedy yet it has humorous moments, its tone isn’t too heavy, which helps to balance out the concept of the story itself. It’s hard to really talk about The Nines, as you wouldn’t want to give too much away, but it handles the subject matter well. It often walks on a knife edge of being pretentious but always manages to stay on the right side, with little injections of humour and by not keeping all its cards face down.

So the Nines is an quirky and ambitious directorial debut, with some interesting things going on all throughout the movie, your sure to be entertained, if not always convinced. Good performances specifically from Reynolds and Hope Davis, Melissa McCarthy is good too with Reynolds ultimately stealing the show as he often does. This is an indie movie and well worth a watch, I’m definitely looking forward to John August’s next movie.