The Joneses Movie Review


The Joneses is one of those movies that never really got pushed but has such an interesting idea for a movie that it’s well worth a look just for the premise alone. Writer/director Derrick Borte first forey into film direction follows the story of the joneses who promote products in affluent suburbun areas, making sales through product placement in their own lives which they then show off to their wealthy neighbours, creating a sales ripple effect through the neighbourhood.

The Jones are played by mum and dad, Demi Moore and David Duchovny and daughter and son, Amber Heard and Ben Hollingsworth who are actually a team of salespeople and their faux relationships cause various problems with their own lives and work. All the cast do a solid job and Duchovny and Moore are ideal for this type of movie, with the focus of the story on their relationship and their different approaches to work and their moral dilemas and how they deal with them.

With the story in The Joneses ticking along at just the right pace, the movie doesn’t drag anything out but also doesn’t feel rushed and Derrick Borte for his first time on directing duty has really put together a rather nice little movie that never really got the release it could have probably handled only getting limited releases in theatres. The Joneses is a great idea for a story that doesn’t mess it up in the execution. The Joneses is in my opinion well worth a rental if your sick of big budget blockbusters and action flicks or just like your dark dramas.