The Howling Remake – The Howling Reborn


The 1981 movie The Howling is all set to get the Hollywood remake, but we can’t really complain this time because at least it’s been more than five years since the origional. If your too young to remember the origional it was a movie which definately split opinion, critics went both ways on it, dividing opinion and was directed by Joe Dante, who is best known for directing Gremlins. The story followed a news anchor Karen White played by Dee Wallace-Stone, who is being stalked by Eddie Quist played by Robert Picardo who is more than just a human, and is later revealed to be a werewolf.

You can read a little more over here at Variety about The Howling Reborn, and there isn’t a better time for this story to be resurected, with the current fad in all things supernatural its definately the right time.