The Fourth Kind and Zombieland – Posted


This week in Posted, our round up of the latest and greatest movie posters, we have two polar opposites once again.  First we have a science fiction thriller featuring a close encounter and a zombie movie that has big personality.

First up this week is The Fourth Kind a science fiction thriller that focuses on close encounters with alien life forms and alien abduction.  The movie stars Milla Jovonovich who ever since starring in The Fifth Element has been an actress who often chooses parts in more niche cult movies and this one is no exception.  The Fourth Kind is a documentary reenactment and is directed by the very hard to type and probably harder to say Olatunde Osunsanmi who is the a protege of Joe Carnahan who is currently directing the A Team remake of course.  The Fourth Kind is due out on November 6th 2009, no ratings or reviews yet on this one but keep checking back and we will update you.

Next up is a movie which we have talked about a lot here already at Movies Illustrated, yes it’s this years best Zombie movie and probably the best zombie movie since Shaun of the Dead, it’s Zombieland.  If you haven’t had chance to catch Zombieland yet then its a corker of a genre flick with a great cast and some nifty ideas and dialogue that raise it above the generic oh so serious zombie movies.  Of course the movie is well known for it’s use of Zombieland survival rules and the two posters here quote some of those lines.