The Fast and the Furious 4 – The original crew are back


Fast and the Furious franchise is all set to produce its fourth movie, with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel both literally back for the ride. After both taking a break from the series, now it seems is the time for them to come back together and get a new movie out there.

The first 3 Fast and the Furious films weren’t Oscar winners, but they sure were a lot of fun if you left your brain outside the cinema and liked cars. This could possibly be the best or 2nd best of the series. The Fast and the Furious 4 is set before the 3rd movie and we also are hearing some pretty solid rumours that Michelle Rodriguez is back on board for this one too, reprising her role as Letty, Dominic Toretto’s girlfriend.

So far the plot details are sketchy but the film is supposedly set five years are The Fast and the Furious. Dom is living in the Dominican Republic, while Letty is still back home trying to keep the crew together, along with Dom’s sister Mia. Their keeping busy doing drug runs and dodgy business to keep the money coming in. Working for a South American dealer, Antonio Braga. Meanwhile Brian is held up in prison, but is really undercover again, soon to finish his assignment.

back in America Dom and Brian find themselves meeting up again at a funeral. They both decide they have to go after the killer, to avenge the killing of their friend, here is where the action begins.

Filming has already begun on The Fast and the Furious 4, but no release date has been set so far.